The Blissfully Exhausted Club

Posted on November 05 2018

Being a Mom is hard. There I said it and I don't feel guilty about it either. Like REALLY hard!  From the up-all night teething to the tantrums in Target to the climbing onto the dining room table or running at toddler speed when my kid knows I'm trying to catch him (you moms know what "toddler speed" is). Sometimes it makes me think twice about having a second child and multiplying all of these awesome kid qualities by two. The stares and glares from others while your kid is acting like turd will make anyone want to throw in the baby makin' towel. It's rough! Not only are you super hard on yourself already but to have other people look at you like you are a pathetic hot mess doesn't help either. I just want to yell back "I'm trying! I'm exhausted and I'm trying!" 



I created the "Blissfully Exhausted Club" because I wanted other Moms to know that it's ok to be so beyond in love with your child but also so deliriously tired from them as well. I understand that people will say that I should never complain about my son because there are many other women who are struggling with infertility and would love to be in my shoes. I understand the pain of the one-lined pregnancy test because I've seen many of them myself. From a gut-wrenching miscarriage and hormonal issues from an auto-immune disease, I've spent many hours sobbing in my bathroom wondering why I had to go through this and why I couldn't be one of the super fertile women I see all around me. Infertility is tough, being a Mom is tough, dealing with judgmental people is tough. Not trying to beat ourselves tough. 


I know when I say that I no longer want two kids is just me being dramatic. I really do want another child. The times when my son snuggles up to me when he's not feeling good or when he smiles at me with those two gapped teeth has made my heart swell more than I ever thought was possible. He's my reason for breathing and my purpose in life. He's mine and I'm his.

My goal with this blog post and hopefully many others in the future is to let women know that it's ok to not be perfect all the time. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart and we are all exhausted, blissfully exhausted but these little turds are so worth it,



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